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Bifido Complex


Product Description

Bifido Complex™ Advanced Formula


Soy, wheat, casein, gluten, milk, corn, egg, yeast, gelatin, artificial colorings, artificial flavorings, peanuts, tree nuts or fish.


Microcrystalline Cellulose, Bifidobacterium lactis, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bifidobacterium longum, Bifidobacterium breve, Silicon Dioxide, Plant Cellulose Capsule.






For Comprehensive Replacement of the Bifidobacterium Strains

Bifido Complex™Advanced Formula is a new, improved formulation of our Bifido Complex™ that combines five (rather than three strains in Bifido Complex™) of the most predominant strains of the Bifidobacterium family of lactic acid bacteria. These friendly flora are recognized to reside in the mucosal lining of the last part of the small intestine and are the predominant strains found to colonize the large intestine (colon). Bifido Complex™ Advanced Formula provides supplementation of these health promoting friendly flora to support intestinal health and functioning.

This product has been formulated to be inulin free and totally SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) legal. It is also hypoallergenic, specially formulated to be free of milk, casein, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, gelatin, yeast, sugar, starch,   artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors, preservatives, salicylates, fish, tree nuts, peanuts and other common allergens. The product is manufactured using the safest and purest ingredients available with special emphasis on the lowest possible levels of heavy metals, pesticides, PCB’s, microbial organisms, yeasts and other environmental impurities. Formulated specially for the sensitive individual, capsule shells are made from plant cellulose (pine) rather than animal gelatin which most capsules are manufactured from.

A healthy gastrointestinal tract contains a balance of “friendly” as well as “unfriendly” strains of bacteria. To maintain good gastrointestinal system health, it is important to maintain optimal conditions in the colon. To achieve those optimal conditions, it may be necessary to replenish the good Bifido bacterial strains. There are numerous factors that contribute to and result in these friendly Bifidobacterium strains being destroyed or depleted, which include:
     •  use of broad-spectrum antibiotics;
     •  food allergies/sensitivities;
     •  environmental toxins/chemicals;
     •  improper diet or inadequate nutrition;
     •  balance of intestinal flora;
     •  exposure to numerous medications.

Functions of Bifidobacterium

The Bifidobacterium family of probiotics perform several important functions in the intestinal tract including the production of lactic and acetic acids which increase the acidity of the intestines. A healthy intestinal tract can be supported when there are sufficient quantities of these health-promoting friendly flora residing in the colon.

Bifido Complex™ Advanced Formula delivers a comprehensive blend of Bifidobacterium strains including:           

Bifidobacterium bifidum/lactis                4.0   billion CFUs
Bifidobacterium lactis                             7.0   billion CFUs
Bifidobacterium breve                            2.0   billion CFUs
Bifidobacterium longum                         2.0   billion CFUs

                                                               Total: 15.0   billion CFUs


Bifidobacterium bifidum is the most prominent microorganism strain setting up residence and implanting itself in the lining of the large intestine.  B. bifidum is known for producing acetic and lactic acids, which lowers the pH (increases the acidity), of the intestine.


The B. lactis Bi-07 strain (formerly known as B. infantis) of friendly flora has been referred to as the “infant” or “baby” bacteria because it is the primary resident of the intestinal tract of infants following their birth. B. lactis is known to inhabit the intestines of both infants as well as adults although it is found in smaller quantities during the aging process. It is considered a beneficial probiotic strain that can safely and effectively be supplemented with infants, children and adults.


B. lactis (Bl-04) is well recognized as a close relative of the B. bifidum and other B. lactis strains of Bifidobacterium. This strain possesses some of the same functions as the related Bifido strains and fiercely competes for attachment sites on the mucosal membrane helping the colonization of the product.


B. breve stimulates colonization of bifido strains in the large intestine, while repressing the colonization of harmful bacteria. It also stimulates the mucosal immune response.


B. longum is among the first strains to colonize the sterile digestive tract of newborns and predominates in breast-fed infants. Bottle-fed infants have a different micro flora, and this may be related to the higher risk of occasional diarrhea and allergies in these bottle-fed babies. Therefore adding B. longum can help the digestive system to operate smoothly, blocking the growth of harmful bacteria and stimulating the immune system.

Dosage Recommendations:

As a dietary supplement take 1 (one) capsule daily and/or as directed by a medical practitioner. It is generally advised that infants and small children utilize half of this suggested dose. Follow the physician’s or other health care practitioner’s specific directions, which may include beginning with a smaller amount of the probiotic and gradually increasing to the recommended dose. The capsule may be opened, divided and taken at separate times during the day.

Directions for Use:

It is recommended that the probiotic be taken with food and/or beverages.  When this is not possible the probiotic may be taken in between meals or as recommended by a physician or other healthcare practitioner. Capsule contents may be mixed in or sprinkled on cold food or mixed with cold beverages.

Avoid the use of potent herbs or anti-microbial foods/supplements such as garlic at the same time that the probiotic microorganisms are supplemented, as this may adversely affect the viability of the probiotic strains.


Bifido Complex™ Advanced Formula is available in a size #1 vegetable capsule providing 15 billion CFUs per capsule. The formulation is available in an amber glass bottle that is flushed with nitrogen to maintain control of the humidity and provide additional assurance of the probiotics stability.

Safety Issues:

Lactic acid bacteria have had a long history of safe use. 


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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